'Bendigo Skies / Sky Channels' 1997- 2001

A move to Bendigo resulted in a shift in approach to painting. The big skies of the high plateau in Central Victoria gave new impetus. The working process became more direct, emotive and less conceptual and codified. The large doorway size paintings were proceeded by hundreds of photos.,large pastel drawings and observations of changing seasons, moods,comet trails and falling space junk. The final work was a large panorama of star trails across the night sky at dusk The first series of these works were exhibited at the Bendigo Art Gallery. Later works were shown in Adelaide and Melbourne.

'Barrie Goddard's series of works, titled the Bendigo Skies challenges the idea of difference and refers to the fact that the skies are the same no matter where they are viewed from.'

Bendigo Art Gallery newsletter, June 1999

Goddard knows 'the knowledge' not to miss the natural phenomena of his paintings, as he lives with them, observing their shifting, day in day out,second by second, in tune with the weather they picture; his painting is a jamming with the light of the world.'

Chris Coventry, exhibition essay, 1999


The later works borrowed titles from popular music of the forties, fifties and sixties; East of the Sun,'Deep Purple, Come Rain or Come Shine, Blood Moon ... etc. Using the words of John Lennon to introduce the artists statement,

'Imagine there's no heaven,
It's easy if you try,
No hell below us
Above us only sky.'

It continued, 'Of constant drama the clouds of Central Victoria's high plateau build up and manoeuvre to cross the Great Divide. Where day skies define deepest blue, night skies devoid of interference display outback operatic clarity. Nature and culture circle each other in a gladiatorial theatre. The process of painting continuously re-enacts this drama - the idea of art as nature, of mimicry, of reality and abstraction challenges the artist to 'make magic'!

'At the mercy of Christ Child, 'El Ninio' and issues of global warming, boundaries dissipate, new conditions form and we look to the heavens.'

Bendigo Skies / Sky Channels : 1997 - 2001


Bendigo Skies, oil on canvas,184 x 92 cm, 1998

Bendigo Skies, oil on canvas, 184 x 92 cm, 1998



Remove and Shake Exhibition

Bendigo Gallery Installation, oil on canvas, 1999

Sky Channel, 3 panels, each 184 x 92 cm, 2000









Sky Channel, 4 panels, each 92 x 24 cm, 2001







Under Southern Skies, 4 panels 184 x 92 cm, oil on canvas, 2001