Colour / Form 1971 -1974

The influence of 'Op' and 'Pop' from exhibitions seen in London and New York plus the first contact with Islamic Art in southern Spain and Morocco produced a series of paintings using strongly coloured forms floating in space; chalices, cones and fans etc. Titles such as Alhambra,'Fez', and 'African Ripple' acknowledge the influences.

'colour exists as an intense phenomenon: it literally glows, radiates from these usually large canvases, where shapes burgeon and float, freely as flying saucers,'

Elizabeth Young The Advertiser, August 1972

'By the early Seventies Goddard achieves a transcendental and ethereal atmosphere in canvases that develop from his study of the interaction of colour. If in their centralised designs and exotic colour Goddard's works evoke certain aspects of Eastern culture, they also radiate the luminous glow of isotopes benignly harnessed to the service of humanity.'

John Stringer Circa 69 A.D. Catalogue essay, C.A.C.exhibition September, 1990

Colour / Form : 1971 -1974

Alhambra, 153 x 153 cm, acrylic on canvas, 1971

Fan Fan 2, 152 x 152cm, 1972






Shifting Shaft, 61 x 122cm, 1972








Kohoutek, acrylic on canvas, 213 x 107cm, 1974







Mururoa Cloud, acrylic on canvas, 153 x 153cm,1973






Quasar, acrylic on canvas, 153 x 153 cm, 1973