Pastiche and Commission works 1980-1994

Still focusing on the landscape as subject these works incorporated the twin practices of painting and photography with various ways of bringing them together giving multiple readings of ideas around landscape---mapping,social history and popular culture etc. Often the canvas was stained breaking the flatness of the previous works. Photographic panels carried a multitude of readings as in the' Uluru-Ayers Rock Work' 1986. The commissions during this period also made use of a combination of painting and photography using the Necco Superscan to enlarge the small marquettes on to canvases as in the State Bank mural.

'This show is a visually arresting essay based on a whole range of ideas about the preposterous pebble and its pivotal place in both European and Aboriginal and Australian psych.'

Neville Weston The Advertiser, March 1986

'Barrie Goddard's work has not dated in the least. It is most stimulating intellectually, bringing together what might be called the 'Social History of Uluru, its significance to the Aboriginal and the European,underpinning by its very physical presence as a geological phenomena. His beautiful paintings in scale and solidity convey its endurance.

Sandra Barron The Canberra Times, July 1988

Pastiche and Commissions : 1980 - 1994

Falkland Ridge Morning and Evening Light, Stained and painted canvas with photos, 2 x 3 metres,1981


Uluru - South Face - Dislocated Dreams, acrylic on canvas, 1.25m x 10 metres 1983-85.



Uluru - South Face - Dislocated Dreams, detail




detail of photo image on panel








Uluru North Face - Motif Musing, acrylic on canvas with photo arc extension, 1.25 x 7.50 metres, 1983 -85








State Bank Mural, 43 metres long, 1981 neco superscan process





Middleback Theatre Mural, Whyalla, SA

325 x 772 cm, 1987 neco superscan process







Collection of New Parliament House, Canberra ACT.

Katatjuta Panoramas - Winter 1983, Coloured photos on panel, 167 x 228 cm



(detail) Katatjuta Panoramas - Winter, Coloured photos on panel, 1983,