The Sea : 2001 - 2009

On returning to Adelaide and living at Moana Beach the focus shifted from the sky to the sea. The sky is still relevant but now the horizon splits the works, sometimes giving a reflective poetry, at other times a threatening undertow with optical colour and light. The first works in this series evocatively titled 'The Albatross Departs' used the doorway size format as in the previous paintings supported by numerous pastel drawings.

'The horizons often seem heightened in their delineation by the starkly contrasting vertical ribbons of reflected colour, blended overlaid into a series of graded, curtain-like surfaces that move across a spectrum of meteorological effects and nuances.'

Ken Orchard 'The Insistent Horizon' essay, Adelaide Festival Festival Fringe 2004

'Goddard, in this almost Gothic transcription of sunsets, may have been creating some kind of sustainable metaphors for a South Australian mindset, one that seeks reassurance in the calm and predictable but sees in the slightest ripple or dark recesses of the smallest wave, a portent for disaster. Seductive but slightly disturbing images.'

John Neylon The Adelaide Review April 2004

'Western space is, for Goddard, dreaming space. It is where reality loosens its grip and the hypothetical hovers just over the horizon. Cut adrift from the land the viewer of Goddard's 'The Albatross Departs' images is required to and perhaps fend off the mesmerising rhythms of oil smooth seas.'

John Neylon 'Open Borders' exhibition, Fleurieu Biennale, November 2004


These sea works were further developed with a greater emphasis on' The Edge' - the shallow water of the foreshore,the playground,the desirable real estate. Titled 'With Ocean Views', they were exhibited during the S.A.L.A. Festival 2005.

'The fascinating patterns of waves, ripples, eddies and the endless permutations of light and flowing sunsets create an environment that is seductive. This last series is post- tsunami. People, cultures and nations disappear - as will playgrounds.'

Exhibition notes for 'With Ocean Views' July 2005

'... menace and high passion assert themselves through deep shadows lurking in the heart of innocent waves and ripples and in the coarsening of colour palette which has begun to relocate these once-suburban subjects into twilight zones of uncertainty where, as if in a J.G. Ballard science-fiction novel, water turns to toxic sludge and dreamy clouds begin to reform as iron birds of prey.'

John Neylon The Adelaide Review August 2005

The Sea : 2001 - 2009

The Albatross Departs Evening 1

oil on canvas,184 x 92 cm, 2003


The Albatross Departs Evening 2

oil on canvas,184 x 92 cm, 2003


The Albatross Departs - Summer Morning - No. 1,

oil on canvas,184 x 92 cm,  2004


The Albatross Departs - Summer Morning - No. 2,

oil on canvas,184 x 92 cm,  2004


Sea Works Curved Wave, oil on canvas, 61 x 122 cm, 2005






Last Summer Wave, oil on canvas, 565 x 200 cm, 2007